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Integrative Medicine Practice in Walnut Creek & Napa, CA

With locations in Walnut Creek and Napa, California, the Medical Institute of Healthy Aging (MDIHA) promotes a proactive approach for men and woman to achieve optimal health. By being proactive, instead of reactive, therapies that are believed to be more precise, preventative, and personalized are implemented. The physicians are working to establish a new discipline in medicine called Valengerontology, or healthy aging medicine, whereby intervening on factors that accelerate the aging process may lead to longer and healthier lives.

MDIHA works on concepts that look at the fundamentals of the aging process. Some of these processes are outlined eloquently in Lifespan Why We Age – and Why We Don’t Have To by David A. Sinclair, PhD. These include addressing Dr. Sinclair’s “hallmarks” of aging: genomic instability (DNA damage), telomere attrition, alterations to the epigenome, loss of healthy protein maintenance (proteostasis), deregulated nutrient sensing, mitochondrial dysfunction, accumulation of senescent cells, stem cell loss, altered intercellular communication leading to inflammatory molecules. By addressing these issues early, it is postulated that the “downstream” manifestations such as atherosclerosis, neurodegeneration (ie Alzheimer, Parkinson’s), cancer, metabolic (diabetes) and hormonal (menopause) dysfunction may be less severe or avoided.

As a result of anti-aging treatments, men and woman experience improvements in muscle mass, decreases in body fat, the ability to handle stress better, enhanced sleep quality and improved mental acuity. Other important potential benefits include increased physical and sexual vitality and improved insulin and cholesterol profiles

To extend the quality of your years, trust our physicians and experts at the offices of MDIHA. Call today or schedule a consultation online to learn how you can benefit from our programs in healthy aging.

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Our Healthy Aging Programs are based on solid science.

Success Stories

Dr. Kim helped my fiancee lose 20 pounds. He was always responsive, and the staff has been so nice and helpful.

Ben N.

Dr. Paul Kim has been my doctor for 11 years now. He partners with you for real healing, getting down to the cause of the problem rather than just medicating symptoms.

Ellie R.

I went to Dr. Kim for some botox and i loved him! he explained to me everything before hand and i felt very comfortable in this office. His nurses are very supportive.

Jennifer G.

Integrative Medicine Practice in Walnut Creek & Napa, CA

Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Paul Kim is the first Board Certified Regenerative Medicine physician in the San Francisco/East Bay area and the first physician in the East Bay to do Age-Filtered Plasma treatments clinically.

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Innovative techniques and cutting edge technology allow us to provide our patients with exceptional Healthy Aging Management solutions.

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