Emsella: incontinence and pelvic floor treatment

Although urinary incontinence is quite common, leaking urine or struggling to make it to the restroom in time can be a major setback in your life. At the Medical Institute of Healthy Aging in Walnut Creek and Napa, California, specialist Paul H. Kim, MD, offers noninvasive incontinence treatments with BTL EMSELLA®. To find out more about how the treatment works to tighten and strengthen your pelvic muscles, call the Medical Institute of Healthy Aging, or request an appointment online today.

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Emsculpt: Build Muscle and Sculpt your Body and Booty

Are you tired of working out week after week with no visible results? Is that boring diet just not working? Sometimes, fat and muscle are impossible to target through diet and exercise alone. 

Emsculpt is the world’s first and only non-invasive way to burn fat and build muscle- all while you get to relax in our office! 

Emsculpt induces strong muscle contractions that are unachievable through workouts. This is used for belly and butt-lifts. When a muscle is exposed to intense contractions, it must begin to adapt and reform to the new conditions, thus lifting your butt or toning your belly while melting fat away. 

In just 4 sessions of 30-minute treatments, your belly and booty will be toned and slimmed down. With no recovery time and no side effects, you can get right back to all of your normal activities the same day as your treatment.

Tangible results can be seen and felt immediately after treatment, with improvements lasting up to four weeks after the final session. 

There are no butts about it! For more information or to book your Emsculpt appointment, call our office today. 

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TempSure Firm: Tighten Body and Reduce cellulite

TempSure Firm® combines effective radiofrequency heating with a specialized massage head to help you reduce the appearance of cellulite without injections, surgery, or downtime. At Medical Institute of Healthy Aging (MIHA) in Napa and Walnut Creek, California, Dr. Kim, MD and Dr. Dave, DO provide TempSure Firm so you can achieve evenly textured skin and a more youthful look just about anywhere on your body. Call the nearest location to find out how you can benefit or request an appointment online.

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TempSure Vitalia: Non Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

As a woman, there’s no reason to feel ashamed about the changes that your body undergoes with age and hormonal changes. However, other health issues can arise with time, prompting you to seek vaginal revitalization treatments. The team at the Medical Institute of Healthy Aging (MIHA) in Napa and Walnut Creek, California, offer vaginal revitalization using TempSure™ Vitalia, an innovative, non-invasive revitalization treatment. To learn more about TempSure Vitalia and find out if you qualify for the treatment, call MIHA or schedule an appointment online today.

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