Testing at MIHA goes beyond the simple blood tests offered in most evaluations at a primary care clinic level. These simple tests often include a complete blood count, a comprehensive metabolic panel, and a lipid panel. The tests at MIHA include not only blood sampling, but also saliva, urine and stool testing. Depending on the level of involvement through programs, the tests may include oxidative stress markers, neurotransmitters, cancer markers, stool mapping, etc. Also physiological markers of aging such as arterial elasticity, pulmonary elasticity, and cutaneous elasticity as well as body composition is also measured.

The MIHA Program produces tangible results allowing our patients to quickly achieve peak physical and mental performance despite their demanding lifestyles.

  • MIHA Programs (Starter, Advanced, Premier)
  • Andropause Program
  • Menopause Program
  • Customized Programs

PhysioAge Sample Report

PhysioAge includes an online reporting system that includes a Dashboard, Report Cards, Recommendations, and Reports.

Now you can actively track your progress.

Patient Portal: A dynamic interface for browsing all of your results including biomarkers, labs and any other tests your provider chooses to include. Accessible from any device.

Report Cards: Our algorithms assign letter grades (A through F) for each result category as well as individual results, in an easy-to-understand format.

Recommendations: Review all of your provider’s treatment recommendations in one place.

PDF Reports: Generate several PDF reports of various lengths, from a 2-page digest to a 40-page report with full explanations of each test and what the results mean to you.